5 Things To Consider In Selecting a Virtual Office

Selecting a virtual office comes with a host of benefits, that much is certain. There is the cost-saving angle to consider for sure, and it will save a lot of resources no matter what stage the business is at. A virtual office also provides employees with a sense of flexibility and ease and provides innumerable facilities needed to run a business smoothly.
Virtual offices are a great solution for both large and small businesses and are an easy solution for many businesses that would like to have office facilities but are still in their growth phases.
It is important to select something that will both fit and accommodate your needs in both the short-term and long-term. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting a virtual office.

1) Virtual Office Facilities

This one might sound incredibly simplistic, but it bears repeating because it is very important to be thorough in the selection process. Oftentimes many will end up selecting a virtual office without doing any research because they need it quickly, but that ends up becoming more costly in the long run.
If a virtual office does not have all the facilities you need to operate your business, keep other options in mind. If you anticipate rapid expansion, ensure that facilities are in place and that the virtual office can keep up with your growth.

2) Ease of customization

The earlier point directly ties with this one; how flexible is your virtual office solution? Do they nickel and dime for each change, or are they able to accommodate your needs and provide solutions immediately? And what sort of approach are they taking? Is it more one-size-fits-all or tailored to specific needs?
Each method has its pros and cons, so it’s important to work out what will be the best solution for you. If it has standardized offerings, then it takes out the headache of needing custom solutions. However, if your business is niche or is growing, then you will likely need a virtual office that offers flexibility in handling them.

3) Usability

What exactly do you need from your virtual office, and how is this solution fitting into that? Some people opt for basic virtual offices with services they do not actually need while others struggle to find the right solution. This usually boils down to being unable to articulate exactly what the virtual office is being used for early on in the process.
Of course, it’s difficult to anticipate every single need, but you will likely have a fair idea. Will there be lots of conference calls, meetings, and client visits, or is it more for employees to have a central base? This will dictate what your usability needs will be, so it ‘s good to go in with a clear idea.

4) Other tenants

Are there other tenants and virtual office holders that they are managing? Are those tenants satisfied with their packages and offerings? Do not be afraid to ask for references and success stories, and even consider contacting others using the virtual office! It is better to have an understanding of who you might be sharing space with early on, and get a sense of their workload – especially since shared workplaces might be involved.
It is also important to determine the scale and size of their shared workplaces and whether that’s even an option you will really need. It is definitely great to have other businesses around to grow and learn from, but it might also prove to be a distraction or a nuisance.

5) Their mission and your mission

At the end of the day, a virtual office is your home base and a centralized place for employees. So for a mutually beneficial business relationship, it is integral that your missions align and that you have similar viewpoints.
Is the virtual office service focused on customer success and happiness? Is their work informed by a higher purpose of customer satisfaction or are they simply just uninvolved in it all once they have handed you the reins to the office? There are different approaches to managing customers in the long-run and short-run – what is it theirs and does that align with your own viewpoints?
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