Our Registered Office Address Service allows businesses to trade and appear to have a physical presence in the US, without publicly revealing their true location.

What is a registered office address and why might you need one?

It just looks professional and it may be the law. Companies registered in The Secretary of State of Every State require a registered office address by law. As the official address of the incorporated company, it’s publicly available for anyone to see and must be in the State of Business. This registered address is used by the IRS and other governmental bodies to deliver legal and statutory notices. Private companies trading in the US must display their registered office address on their stationery website and email.

Need a US address for your overseas business | Contact WorkSocical

If you’re an international business wanting to set up a private limited company in United States, you’ll need a registered address in the US. We provide you with your own address in the United State, which you can then use to start your business.

Personal and Secure Mail Handling

Our Registered Office Address Service comes with a Premium Mail Management option. We can physically send your US mail to any part of the world or we can scan it and save it to your network drives.


Mail Receiving & Forwarding

Send, receive and manage your mail online – Virtual Offices by WorkSocial make mail management simple. Control your post from anywhere in the world for pennies. Give the impression you’re in the US and protect your privacy. You will never miss important letter again. Super-charge your business by opening your virtual office at WorkSocial today.



Your confidentiality is key. We give you complete control over how you want each piece of mail handled. We have a process for that Do want us to scan unopened envelopes so you can decide what happens next? No problem. Need us to automatically forward all mail to you? Check the box. Want us to scan the every page of each letter you receive? Fine by us, It’s your post, you tell us how it should be handled.


Connect to

Did we mention we also support Dropbox and Evernote? Get them connected, and see your post in your favorite secure document management apps.



Protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We’re a private limited company, registered in England and Wales, operating out of single secure UK sorting facility. We’re subject to the 1998 Data Protection Act, which means we have to protect all of your information – something we take very seriously.


Post Office


Our Online Postage Service lets you quickly and securely write and send letters in the US. Simple upload your letters and we’ll print and send on your behalf. Its easy… Write and send your letters online, just as you would email. Sign up for a account and only pay for the post you send.


If you’re overseas and need important letters delivered to the US, relying on international postal services can be tricky. All US Virtual Office accounts, include the ability to have written letters printed and sent. As soon as you’ve written your letter, we’ll print and pass it to regular US Mail so you can be sure it arrives quickly and safely.


For your most important post, we can send using US Mail’s Next Day Delivery or Signed For Services – get proof of delivery and guarantee prompt arrival of your letters.

Physical Office Service

Need somewhere to work while you’re in the US?

Speak to us about our Executive Business Offices – a 5 Star working environment in NYC. Work in comfort, meet in style.

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