Why The Remote Work Structure Is Here To Stay

Work. We all need to do it.
We have ideas involve the 9-5 suit-and-tie-stuck-in-rush-hour-traffic grind.
For over a century, people were leaving their home to work. Thanks to modern technology, that’s no longer a requirement. You now have the ability to work from anywhere. Remote work is taking over the world, one laptop at a time.
Read on to see why the remote work structure is here to stay.

Rise of the Freelancer

Freelancers aren’t lazy. They’re jackals. They go where the money leads them.
This, however, does not mean these people aren’t talented. It typically means they refuse to accept a position that doesn’t suit their needs.
Some executives still scoff at the idea of hiring freelancers, which is unfortunate and will end up costing your business money, as freelance employees now make up 35% of the workforce.
Platforms such as Upwork and even Indeed have made it easier than ever for you to connect with the right freelancer for your operation.
The benefits of freelancers far outweigh the costs. They usually work as a 1099 independent contractor, meaning you don’t pay for their insurance or other benefits. You settle on an agreed-upon price, trade work for money, and they pay their own taxes.
If you find a freelancer you enjoy working with, you can simply go back and hire them again. If you treat and pay them well, even the busiest person will bump you to the front of their workload.

Social Media

Many remote work platforms are on social media. Most freelancers are there. Not because they enjoy distractions, but because they’re on the hunt.
These independent workers are more tech-savvy than previous generations. They promote themselves on their blogs and social media and most of them find work with relative ease.
They’re all about the grind and they’re willing to put themselves out there. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you should definitely utilize your social media accounts and website to attract these workers to your company.

How Did This Happen?

Banks rule the world. They’re usually open from 9-5, Monday through Friday. So the business world naturally followed suit.
Millennials are now the largest part of the American workforce. They want work-life balance and flexible work more than any other previous generation. The paper paystub is going away thanks to payment platforms like Paypal.
More and more banks are going online and offering better interest rates. This young generation does most of their banking and handles other forms of finance from their smartphone. Working according to brick and mortar banking hours is becoming a thing of the past.
They invest independently and value their time and families. Future generations will be no different. If businesses don’t catch on now, they’ll miss out on quality talent that will go to a business who will give them exactly what they want.

Productivity Matters

How many of your employees walk in the door every day a few minutes late? How many don’t get much work done until after lunch?
The 9-5 grind doesn’t work anymore. Millennials want to be productive and they realize that everyone is different. They will not stand for being treated like robots. Some people are just more productive in the evenings and at night than others.
Rather than punish this quality, embrace and exploit it. Give your employees the freedom they need to do the best work they can for your company.

What’s Happening Now

Money will make or break your business in a hurry. In an effort to cut costs, many entrepreneurs and small business owners utilize shared office space. These are low-rent facilities that provide everything a business needs to be successful, sans employees.
The downside is you have to share the office space with other small businesses and startups. However, for small, close-knit teams, these situations can be ideal.

The Future of Remote Work

So what’s next? The 9-5 isn’t working and you don’t want to deal with people who have nothing to do with your operation.
How can you possibly get everything you need?
Virtual offices are the future of not just remote work but startups and small businesses. At Worksocial, we’ll provide you with a physical address for your business and use of our conference room.
If that’s not enough, we can tailor your plan to suit your needs.
This is the future of business. With virtual offices, you can hire whoever you want and they can do remote work. It can be freelancers or employees with benefits.
They can work from their car or a coffee shop. They can do it any time of day or night.
The key is to hire people who understand your brand and believe in it. If you’re interested in hiring people who do remote work and you can hold the fort down from a virtual office, your company is already on the right track.


The happier your employees, the better the work they’ll do for your business. If you have a brick and mortar establishment and full-time work from home employees aren’t an option for you, there could be room for compromise.
Millennials aren’t scared to job hop. If they aren’t happy with their lives and they believe it has to do with their job, they’ll quit. If they’re talented and in a high-demand field, they’ll find work with relative ease.
You can give partial work from home status. You can require productivity reports from remote workers and there are tools you can use to monitor them if you have the extra cash to invest in them. Slack and Discord are both free services with chat and VOIP capabilities.

The Takeaway

The truth is most employees feel more productive when they’re home. The office is typically a dreary place for young people. And to be even more brutally honest, they likely aren’t as productive as you think they are.
When an employee is able to work from home, they surround themselves with a comfortable atmosphere. It’s hard to micro-manage and even harder for there to be employee to employee HR concerns.
If you want to be a part of the future, contact us today. We’ll get you set up with your virtual office and you can start hiring remote work employees at your discretion.


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